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To get meat from Kingdom Farms doesn’t just mean getting the best, premium meat in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana- it means taking a walk into history, back to the Irish countryside, when Joe and Mary Moran decided to travel to America in 1956, the land of opportunity, to get married and start a new life.  Joe learned the ropes of the meat industry in County Kerry where he worked in meat houses, smoke houses, and grocery stores, then traveled to Chicago to continue his craft at Swift Armour, A&P, and Anderson Poultry. While the Moran’s were busy raising their seven children, Joe ended up getting his own meat route with one truck.

Through hard work and family values, this Irish American family lived out the American dream. When son Kieran was just five-years-old, he worked side-by-side with his dad on the truck, and eventually worked for him full-time. When Joe retired, Kieran bought the business. Over the past 25 years, Kingdom Farms has seen steady growth. What was once one man in a truck is now a 38,000 square foot facility with 17 employees, eight trucks, and a semi-truck.

Kingdom Farms is a vendor and distributor of premium meats with an extensive customer-base including restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, delis, country clubs, sausage manufacturers, and local distributors. Their customers receive the highest quality of meat at reasonable prices with choices such as Choice Angus Prime Beef and a specialty line of Amish All Natural ABF Chicken from Miller Amish Country Poultry, which is imported 5 days a week, fresh from Indiana.

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